The founder of cphdialogue is one of the most experienced strategists specialised in the construction industry and industrial sector.

Flemming Kehr holds a Master of Science degree in business strategy and marketing management from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked with corporate strategy, organisational and business development, development of go-to-market strategies, loyalty programs and integrated campaigns for a number of Danish and international companies in the construction industry, industrial sector and agricultural sector.


Flemming has been appointed strategic director at a Danish advertising agency as well as international marketing & business development director at one of the major manufacturers in the construction industry. As external strategic advisor Flemming has assisted companies such as Rockwool, STARK, Saint-Gobain, Moelven Industrier, Trend Control Systems, Massey Ferguson, Sweco and Honeywell as well as organisations like SMEdenmark - the Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises - Arbejdsgiverne (employer's and industrial association) and Dansk Håndværk (employer's and industrial association). He has also been partly responsible for the development and launch of a European knowledge and advisory centre for architects and the development and implementation of an innovation model and digital innovation management tool at a market leading international company. As marketing and business development director, Flemming has been in charge of restructuring and streamlining sales and marketing organisations and has initiated new product development procedures as well.


Flemming was one of the pioneers in the construction industry who worked intensively with developing digital strategies, digitally-based loyalty programs, mobile and social marketing and the use of smart data.


Over the years, Flemming has become a specialist in developing and implementing green business models and holds a position as a board member of the Energy Forum Denmark, whose 400 corporate members include a number of Danish municipalities, the largest Danish consulting companies, manufacturers like Danfoss, Danish Crown and Rockwool, architects, hospitals, airports, etc.


Finally, Flemming is an experienced keynote speaker and motivator and act as personal coach for managers and executives who want to develop their individual communication skills and clout by strengthening personal qualities such as authenticity and presence.