It is not possible to learn about people, cultures and lifestyles just by sitting in an office reading all day long. You gotta get out among people and be part of the different sub-cultures.

If you don't get out and meet people in their real world, you won't ever learn the details of the sub-cultures they are part of. Thus you won't be able to anticipate tomorrow's important trends, learn why they occur and what the motivators and drivers are. And the likelihood that you make decisions based on inside out processes and false assumptions is quite big.

Most of our team members live their lives in and around the metropole. They spend time travelling and see the world as anthropologists. They take a walk on Nørrebro, learn from the students and the unemployed, sit in a café in Nyhavn just listening to the surrounding conversations, go to racedays in Jutland, visit agricultural trade fairs, go to green concerts, visit ARoS, chat with the residents of a housing cooperative in Copenhagen NV and talk to the craftsmen on the building site. That's how we get inspired and learn. That's how we gain the knowledge, that is necessary for us to carry out our tasks. We do not become "Futurists" just by reading the business news or having a conversation without visions at a meeting in the "Old Boys business network".

Furthermore we conduct surveys online and by activating multiple panels via mobile phones. This ensures a high quality of data output and fast response times. Finally, as one of the few, we use so called "youth advisory boards" to spot upcoming trends among the younger consumers and future decision makers.