The future winners in the "war of communication" will be those who are able to foster positive experiences and communicate shared values through multichannel marketing.

We live and breathe for the value-based one-to-one communication that makes a difference through empowerment and enthusiasm, and can also forge new relationships, while maintaining existing ones. Through communication we exchange views and create our common goals. In this way, we can create mutually beneficial values for both you and your target group: values which both of you strive to further develop. And strategic, value-based one-to-one communication is the core trend.

  1. Go mobile. Mobile has become so deeply embedded in our lives by offering convenience through immediacy, simplicity and context. Through mobile - and soon wearable - technology each of us can receive individualised content which also points to another major trend, that of personalisation. Furthermore, mobile payment has gained ground and opened up new customised customer touch points and customer centricity programs.                                                                                                   
  2. Individuality makes "YOUnique". The creation of company defined "YOUniverses" will be the way to initiate one-to-one cross platform dialogue that is seen not as an unwanted intrusion but a value service. The customers expect personalised communication where the focus is sharing common values
  3. Stay social with your customers. Digital influencers have grown 30-fold in the last few years. Companies simply need to keep pace and learn how to utilise the social media universe, the digital influencers and especially how to manage the need for personalised engagement. It's all about balancing the emotional with the rational and communicating a unique DNA and culture.
  4. Quality storytelling is the key. The social media have changed the mediaplatform completely - and therefore also the way companies think in customer touch points. Until now, the media organisations were gatekeepers of information and audience. That era is over. This also means that companies can rethink content marketing and focus on creating timely content that earns credibility among community members. The key to finding and telling great stories in a way that will make your audience not only want to engage with them but share and even repurpose them is to commit to trying new things.
  5. You can never switch of. The advent of social media means that the companies must be alert 24/7 to guard and protect their reputation and brand. Companies cannot control the information spread anymore and to attempt to pull videos and comments from the social media channels can be fatal. Therefor, companies must focus on timely, honest and transparent communication - and allocate the appropriate ressources to the social marketing "dept".
  6. Transparency, transparency and, yes, transparency. Consumers and other stakeholders have many more channels at their disposal for exposing and discrediting companies for any lack of honesty. As difficult a concept as that is for many, transparency is the only answer and any failures in this area are punished with alarming speed and efficiency. Brands that embrace this hyper-honesty trend will reap the benefits in consumer trust.
  7. Prove your point. Just as companies should be honest and transparent in their customer communication, they should be honest and transparent internally when it comes to measuring their own marketing performance. With digital marketing, it is now possible to measure a campaign from the outset and throughout the entire campaign to document impact and effectiveness. Knowledge is vital. And knowledge can be the decisive game changer for the customer communication.
  8. Visualisation is everything. We all have ever shorter attention spans and compelling images and visualisations are the key to making your story stand out from the crowd. Evidence shows that the majority of learning occurs visually. The emotional power of telling stories by using viral videos is unique, and viral videos thus tell more powerful stories and allow greater engagement with customers than words.
  9. Why are you here. Consumers are far more critical when exposed to marketing messages than previous. Companies must appear credible to the consumers and must earn the trust of the consumers before they are accepted. Their storytelling must therefor be considered thought through and completely transparent. A very important part of that storytelling is linked to the companies DNA. Why are the company there at all. So companies should build their story around their DNA. Because it is basically the DNA and values, that consumers associate with and thus will pay money for.
  10. Integrated communication or no communication. This is the digital age, but to win the "war of communication", companies still need to focus on full integration of all the communication disciplines.