A company DNA can typically be based on "what happened years ago". But is "years ago" also working today?

In biology, the DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and contains the genetic instructions for every living organism. The DNA determines what kind of life is the organism being formed to live. The DNA is, so to speak, the programmed language and source code for the organism. A company is also an organism and needs a DNA to function properly. The business DNA determines what kind of company it will be, the basis of its operations and its outcomes. It is the DNA that enables the company to function as a unique entity.

It is however necessary for a company continuously to evolve the DNA to match the customers anticipations, demands and attitudes. But this can be quite a complicated task since it involves all aspects of the business and operations. When working with a company's DNA, we start with the 4 bases of organisational DNA; organisational structure, decision processes, motivators and information. By using that approach, we can divide the evolvement of the company DNA in a stepwise process that is much more manageable to implement and therefore provides better results in a long term perspective.