It's simple; we create cross-platform campaigns, communication, activities and events with attitude that generate response, ROI and positive effect on sale. Everything we create is based on the customer's real-life situations and values, but with respect to the company's DNA.

When many marketers talk about integrated campaigns, they really talk about media selection and media synergy. But these are only means and tools to be utilized in a campaign. When we talk about integrated campaigns, we talk about how to incorporate an individual customer's own perspective and lifestyle into all elements of the campaign and thus using the campaign as a mean to incorporate the individual customer's own perspective into all customer-facing functions at the company. Truly integrated campaigns are e.g. when a web-based campaign generates a lead, and instead of tossing the lead over the fence to the sales organization to be pursued like every other web-generated lead, it is instead packaged into a consumer-specific selling strategy based on expressed preferences and other clues already generated by the consumer. Another example is that a consumer uses a convenience store's app to make a shopping list. The moment the consumer steps into the shop, the list is converted to an interactive shopping guide that guides the consumer to the right sections of the shop and also suggest additional products to go with the ones on the shopping list, eventually leading to additional sale. Do you find this perspective interesting? Then call us!

This is where we can assist you;


  • Marketing and branding strategies
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Inbound/content marketing activities interrelated with sales improvement actions
  • Internal marketing activities interrelated with corporate activities or sales improvement activities
  • Basic marketing material

PR and events

  • Press activities and media contact
  • Case studies and case documentation
  • Customer events and product launches
  • Exhibitions/stands and conferences


  • SoMe
  • Web and mobile
  • Digital sales and loyalty tools