Our claim is that most of your customers aren't that valuable. Being customer centric is not the same as being customer focused. By working with customer-centric programs, you really accept heterogeneity among your customers.

A lot of companies and marketing leaders don't know how much their customers are worth. Studies from University of Pennsylvania and other international studies have shown, that an average company can gain a 17% increase in sales from identifying and maximizing top value customers. That is the core of customer centricity! In other words, customer centricity is about looking at a customer's/consumer's lifetime value and focusing marketing efforts squarely on that real-world, high-value customer/consumer segment to drive profit. Developing a customer-centric program is thus about developing activities and initiatives that embrace the high-value customer/consumer 360 degree, 24/7/365. The key is data driven knowledge and an acceptance of the fact that it is no longer the company that decides on the customer contact points. Today, the customer makes the decision on where and how to meet and liaise with the company. We can help you initiate, develop and implement the right programs!

This is where we can assist you;

  • Sales strategy development
  • Digital sales tool development
  • Lead generation tool development
  • Digital loyalty programs
  • Customer incentive programs